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Recycled Earth tape release.


Recycled Earth tape release.

Anonymous asked, "I am 25 and feel like I have achieved very little. How much of a big deal should I make out of that?"


You have achieved very little. It’s not a feeling. It’s a concrete reality. 

But, look at people who did accomplish a lot of shit. Stalin. He got a lot done. I think Mao made an impact. So, there’s a model you could follow. Dangerous sociopath. Jesus achieved something. You could be nailed to some planks and maybe get the same effect. 

People who really make a difference are unhealthy weirdos, or perfectly nice individuals who die young and violently. You really want to be either of those things?

Weed is tight.

I don’t even do it anymore to have “fun”. At this point its to ward off depression and anxiety and soothe my joints and muscles (no pun intended). It’s a relaxant. A mediator. A “calm the fuck down”erator.

I do not need to smoke weed to have fun. Some of the best times I have had in the past few years have been experienced stone cold sober. I just like it a lot. A whole lot. I love looking at it. I love smelling it. I love the plant itself.

Perhaps the east coast will get it soon and it will be something I can continue to enjoy without fear of having it disqualify me from teaching middle school social studies and special education. Its probably pretty stupid for me to be making this post for that reason, but oh well. Perhaps I shall just have to move to Washington or Colorado.

Anyway, weed is tight. If you don’t smoke it, good for you. You are saving money and brain cells, and I respect your will. Me however, I’m going to smoke another bubbler pack and write some tunes. Happy holidays everyone.

Below are some picture I took on a hike in the Shawanagunks today….Mohonk to be exact. We stuffed ourselves at a buffet lunch and then proceeded to take to the woods where we got absolutely toasted,


Sleep - Dopesmoker

Easter music.

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